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A Sampler of Ubud - With A Natural Twist

Today I’ve compiled a sampler of experiences from my recent trip to Ubud, Bali. They are all inspired by nature, and if you know me well, nature holds the vision. I hope you enjoy browsing some of my favourite finds!

Balinese Cooking


A wonderful morning spent with a traditional Balinese family in their home compound. Yogi and her mum showed you how to cook a number of Balinese dishes, then you get to enjoy and dine the Balinese way. They also offer gluten free/vegetarian Balinese recipes.  You get to meet the whole family and their friendliness and sharing makes it a wonderful experience. The cooking class is fun, the food tastes delicious and you receive a copy of all the recipes.  Find out more about the cooking class here

Balinese Offerings


Wherever you go in Bali you will see offerings called ‘canang’, the foundation of Bali-Hindu worship.  Each day, the women create these small, hand-woven coconut-leaf baskets. The baskets contain the flower, fruit, rice and food offerings for the Hindu Deities that the women pray to each day.  I was curious to find out more about this so decided to learn from the talented Ayu at her art studio.  Her knowledge, practical experience and insights help you engage first hand in the traditional arts.  She also offers other workshops on batick, carving, silver making, traditional painting and weaving.  Find out more about W.S. Art Studio



Intuitive Flow Yoga Studio is located on the hills of Penestanan. This studio offers a stunning view of Bali’s sacred mountain Gunung Agung and the Campuan valley.  The studio has large panoramic sliding windows which let in light and a breeze that creates a connection with nature and the elements.  The nearby Yellow Flower cafe is also a nice place for a morning juice after class.  Find out more about classes here.



Ayurveda is one of the oldest medical systems in the world.  Amrta Siddhi is an Ayurvedic health retreat in Ubud that has a team of professional Ayurvedic doctors and therapists to work with you to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Set in lovely surroundings, this centre offers a wide range of authentic Ayurvedic treatments, consultations, medicines and healing activities that result in deep balance and long-lasting wellbeing.  Most of the medicines and oils are hand made in Bali.  They have a free weekly talk explaining Ayurveda and there is also a cooking class.  Discovering Ayurveda has been the missing link to living my life in sync.  Find out more about Amrta Siddhi here

Natural and Herbal Products


I stumbled across this family business called Angelo Store while out walking one morning and just loved their philosophy which is "Share, Care & Do Positive.  It has touches of tradition and warmth. They create natural products such as skin care, hair care, healthy drinks such as herbal teas as well as traditional natural medicine.  They don’t use chemicals and plant and grow in an organic farm, using recycled newspaper for shopping bags.  All the products made are created from the heart and made with LOVE & LOVE.  I stocked up on a few divine little Christmas presents.  Find out more here

 Bliss Spa


Having done the rounds of spa treatments in Ubud, I find the facilities and staff at Bliss wonderful.  The Balinese massage is just amazing, I can highly recommend it.  They even remembered me from a previous visit 6 months ago (mind you I did have a few treatments there!)  The surroundings are just beautiful, and as their brochure says, it is pure Bliss from head to toe.  You can start or finish your treatment at 6.30pm to see the beautiful sunset.  Find out more about their services here 



Sonja is The Queen of Nourishment and teaches feminine empowerment and sensuality workshops and retreats. She creates a safe space for women to explore what’s blocking them from their truth and stepping into their power. I received the most wonderful healing and a set of her new Wisdom cards.  If you're open to more deeply exploring the nature of the feminine, Sonja is the woman to see. Find out more here

Campuhan Ridge Walk


The Campuhan Ridge Walk is a beautiful nature trail away from the hustle and bustle of the town centre. The scenery is stunning and a popular spot for photo shoots.  It's best enjoyed early morning around 7.30 am before the heat hits.  This is a walk I always love to experience.

Organic Food


Sari Organik is a small family business that has been growing organic produce for 12 years.  They are now in 3 locations in Bali and serve delicious, healthy food from their garden. They use permaculture and fair trade principles.  Find out more here

Are you interested in joining me on a journey to Ubud? Email me today as I'm now opening up expressions of interest for the next trip.



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