Do You Have a Good Reason to Stop Smoking?

If you smoke, you know there are many good reasons to stop smoking. Ensuring good health is at the top of the list. Nicotine affects your entire body, from your lungs and heart to your teeth, hair and skin. But, this isn’t about the dangers of smoking, which you already know. This is personal. Why do you want to stop? And is your reason strong enough to stop for good.

Every smoker has his or her own reasons for wanting to give it up. Maybe you’re tired of feeling sick and tired. Maybe you hate how your clothes, hair and breath smell like smoke. Perhaps you want more energy to play with your kids or run the marathon you always wanted to try.

It’s important to know what is driving you to stop. Before you attempt to stop, make a list of your reasons. Take a sheet of paper and on one side, list the reasons why you smoke. On the other side, list the reasons why you want to stop.

It may seem strange to think about the advantages, but behind your actions are positive rewards. Maybe you smoke to booster your self-esteem. Maybe it’s your way to feel in control of a difficult situation. Maybe you feel it helps with stress.

Here are common reasons people smoke:

  • I like smoking
  • It helps to relax
  • It helps me concentrate
  • I’m addicted to nicotine
  • I smoke to relieve boredom
  • I smoke when I’m angry
  • I smoke when I’m stressed
  • I smoke when I’m happy
  • I smoke when I’m lonely
  • I smoke in social situation, like being out with friends
  • I smoke because my partner smokes
  • I’m more confident when I smoke
  • It’s a habit
  • I don’t want to gain weight if I give up cigarettes

Do any of those reasons sound familiar? Make sure to list every single reason, even if it seems silly, like I only smoke when I’m in the car.

The reasons to stop smoking outweigh the reasons to smoke. Here are common reasons why many people want to quit.

  • I don’t want to develop lung cancer, heart disease or any other smoking-related illnesses.
  • I hate the odour.
  • Everything smells like a filthy ashtray: my clothes, hair, home and car always smell.
  • My teeth are stained.
  • I don’t want to age prematurely.
  • It’s too expensive to smoke.
  • I don’t want be an unhealthy role model to my children.
  • I want to have enough energy to play with my kids or grandkids.
  • I will live a longer and healthier life if I stop now.

Studies have shown that the key to changing negative habits is to change how the mind perceives it. Once you have changed the perception, you can bolster positive change through a positive mindset, visualisation or hypnosis.

Smoking is not so much the physical addiction, it’s a mental and emotional attachment. Hypnosis is a powerful tool to help you adopt the positive reasons for change. It can relieve the withdrawal symptoms that keep you from stopping personally.

When you decide to finally stop smoking, keep your list handy. Hypnosis can be the first step in relieving the physical and psychological dependence. If you’re ever tempted to pick up a cigarette, look at your list and remember the true reasons you want to enjoy life as a nonsmoker.

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Christine Ford

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