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I'm here to help you find peace within yourself and break free from long term recurring painful patterns that are keeping you stuck. 

This is truly life changing work. 

Perhaps you are reacting to situations in life without any conscious awareness and wonder why you’re feeling frustrated, sad, depressed or unable to function at your best?

You could be experiencing some of these symptoms:

  • Constant overthinking
  • Feeling easily irritated
  • Worrying about little things
  • Noticing tension or pain in your body
  • Low self-esteem
  • Difficulty sleeping or feeling fatigued
  • Feelings of dread 
  • Feeling teary
  • Having difficulty trusting yourself
  • Feeling isolated, lost and lacking direction
  • Going through peri menopause or menopause 
  • Denying or repressing your own needs
  • Your heart is often racing
  • Feeling confused and fearful about the future
  • Feeling awkward in social situations
  • Sense there is something missing yet don’t know what
  • Overindulging in drinking, shopping or social media
  • Complaining and having a negative attitude about things
  • Lacking self-control and easily distracted
  • Feeling uncomfortable and different, like nobody really gets you
  • Unable to let go of the past
  • Feeling creatively blocked
  • Observing others as they enjoy life, but never participating
  • Feeling confused, stuck or need a new perspective
  • Lacking intimacy in your relationship

You're probably here seeking a solution to start feeling better about yourself, and wondering where to start to get that freedom.

You may be feeling confused which way you should go or where to start.  It just doesn’t seem right for you to go down the medical path.

The good news is there is a better way.  No matter where you're at, I'm here to help you.

I'll guide you in a safe and gentle way so that you can move forward in life, feeling the best you've ever felt.

Benefits You Will Experience:

  • Feeling more calm and content
  • Greater self-love, self-worth and self-esteem
  • Enhanced self-confidence
  • Greater self-trust
  • Increased ability to hear your intuition
  • More positive outlook
  • Higher energy levels and increased vitality
  • Happiness, joy and inner peace
  • Ability to deal with situations better without over-reacting
  • Ability to live in the moment
  • Confidence to create the life of your dreams
  • Feeling in control of your choices
  • At peace with the past
  • Free from physical tension

Each session is custom-designed based on your individual needs.

You will be able to develop clarity, find joy and develop the mental and emotional resources to best deal with your situation.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

It is a gentle, holistic and a very personal approach to self-healing and self-enhancement. What makes hypnotherapy different from any other method is the fact that it is custom designed to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

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