The Truth Behind Weight Gain and Quitting Smoking

One of the common concerns with stopping smoking is the worry that you’ll gain weight. You’re worried that you’ll replace one bad habit for another. While some non-smokers do gain a few kilos, it’s not a typical result. More importantly, is that being a non-smoker does more to boost your health than adding a few kilos. But weight gain is a legitimate concern. If you’re worried, find out what are the common causes for weight gain.

When you’re worried about gaining weight, you may imagine that you’ll stop smoking only to gain weight. On average, a person who quits smoking may gain approximately 1-2 kilos. If you plan, you can make small lifestyle changes to make sure you don’t gain.

Make sure to pay attention to your eating and physical part of your life. If you stop smoking, but then become a couch potato and eat sweets every day, you’re going to gain weight. There’s no skipping around healthy eating and activity. In fact, many of the things that will help you keep the weight off will also help you recover from nicotine.

Walking has many benefits, like reducing anxiety and increasing endorphins that make you feel good. It can help you lose weight and increase your endurance. It can distract you from any withdrawals.

Drinking water helps keep you hydrated and flushes nicotine and the 4,000 additional chemicals from your body.

What’s Behind The Weight Gain

Some people do gain a little weight when they quit smoking. There are several reasons behind the weight gain.

One is a short-term gain. The nicotine kept your weight low, so your body returns to the weight you would’ve been had you never smoked.

The second is water retention, usually seen in the first week after quitting. The first one to two kilos are typically due to retaining water, which means you are now healthily hydrated.

The third is a change in your calorie need. You may keep eating the same number of calories that you did when you smoked. After you quit, your body may need fewer calories, so the additional calories put the weight on.

Isn’t Weight Gain Bad For Me?

Sure, extra weight can stress your body, but the health risks of continuing to smoke are far greater than the risks of gaining a few kilos. If gaining weight has been your barrier to stop smoking, you can put your mind at ease. It’s not something that will automatically happen, and you can take steps to reduce any weight gain. The most important thing you can do for your health is to stop smoking.

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