What Is Trance and How Can My Hypnotherapist Help Me Stop Smoking?

A trance is a state of complete relaxation. Hypnosis uses techniques which guides a person into a trance. It is a natural state of being that everyone has experienced in their everyday lives.

Think about a situation when you went through the motions but didn’t consciously remember how you performed the action. You can probably remember a time you were so engrossed in a movie that you didn’t hear any other voices or noises around you. Your total concentration was on the actors and story playing on the screen. You didn’t notice the couple walking down the theatre aisle or pay attention to the family sitting two rows behind you.

In these types of situations, you are awake and completely focused. In the example of the movie theatre, your total concentration is on the movie. Your mind isn’t wandering off to think about what you will do after the movie. You don’t notice the other people in the theatre.

This is similar to a hypnotic trance. Your hypnotherapist uses techniques to help your mind and body relax. You are awake and able to hear your hypnotherapist talking to you. In a trance, your subconscious is paying attention to the words and stories you hear from your therapist.

If you want to stop smoking, your hypnotherapist will first guide you into a relaxed state or trance. This can include a variety of methods, including “quick induction” or progressive relaxation. With a quick induction, your hypnotherapist uses techniques to help you relax in a short amount of time. With progressive relaxation, your therapist uses a combination of language techniques that gradually guide you to relaxation.

After an initial interview with your hypnotherapist, they will decide on the best technique to use. No matter what method is chosen, the goal is for you to go into a trance, so your subconscious is alert and in control. Your subconscious mind is very powerful, as this is where your habits, thoughts, and beliefs reside. Your conscious mind can be distracted with thoughts of worry or distraction, which can stand in your way of reaching your goal.

In the previous example of the movie, imagine that you’re not that interested in the movie. Your thoughts wander all over. You may wonder how long the movie will last as you check your watch. You start thinking about what you’ll do after the movie: should you go for ice cream, call or friend, or head home?

Can you imagine trying to quit smoking, when your mind is thinking about all types of things? You may start wondering if you can do this. With a trained hypnotherapist, you can stop smoking successfully with hypnosis.

If you want to find out how you can finally quit smoking, sign up for your free report on hypnotherapy and take the next step to freedom from smoking.

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