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Myths of Cigarette Smoking

Myths of Cigarette Smoking

You know that smoking is bad for you. Nicotine dependency affects your health. You feel worn out, tired, out of breathe and more. It affects your entire body, from your heart, lungs, vision, hearing, sinuses, skin, teeth, hair and more. Besides the general knowledge that smoking will hurt you, you may be reluctant to stop because of the myths about quitting.

Smoking is as addictive as heroin, crack and cocaine.

This isn’t true. The cravings and withdrawals can make it hard to quit. But those cravings for crack or heroin and the withdrawal symptoms experienced are physically more severe than those for nicotine. It takes three days for nicotine to completely leave your body.

How often do hear of people killing, stealing or selling everything they have in order to get cigarettes? But, it’s a scenario that comes up too frequently for those physically controlled by crack, heroin and cocaine.

The problems lies that if you continue to believe this myth, you place a mental barrier in stopping. You’ll say that it’s simply too hard.

Herbal treatments work wonders on smokers.

Medical evidence doesn’t show this, though there are herbal treatments that can help curb withdrawals and speed your recovery from nicotine.

Quitting cold turkey is the only way to give up smoking completely.

This is partially true, which makes it a dangerous myth. Some people successfully quit smoking by going cold turkey. Studies show that one third of quitters will stop this way. But what about the other two-thirds of people who want to quit? There are other methods that are effective.

Patches and medications can help a person stop smoking, but they’re not completely effective. The other problem with these methods is that you continue to receive nicotine, though in smaller doses than in a cigarette.

Hypnosis can be a powerful tool in helping you stop smoking. You can use it alone. Why does it have a 90 percent success rate? Because it addresses the psychological dependency that keeps you returning to cigarettes.

Smoking involves three areas: a ritual or habit, a physical dependency and a psychological attachment. Hypnosis addresses the psychological and rituals behind your reasons for smoking. With hypnotherapy, you can break your mental dependency and be able to cope with few, if any, physical symptoms.

When you realize that the barriers to success are myths, you’re better able to reach your goals. If you use hypnosis, you can address the underlying beliefs that keep you chained to an addiction.

Stopping isn’t as hard as the myths make you believe. You can get past the addiction and do it even quicker with hypnosis.

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