Client Success Story

Casey is a business owner and under a lot of pressure.  She wanted to enjoy her work more and not feel panicked all the time.

Casey felt anxious and her heart was often racing.  She was living in extremes and her life reflected that.

Many times she would lash out at her husband.

Casey had tried coping by talking with friends, exercise and reading.  And drinking…

Yet she had ‘no off switch’.

When Casey booked a free consultation, she was in overwhelm.

She was an intelligent woman but knew she just didn’t have the tools to deal with anxiety and she didn’t want to keep taking her drinking to the extreme.

She knew if this continued her husband was not prepared to put up with it much longer.

How did she turn it around in such a short time?

Problem: racing heart, excess drinking, anger, under pressure and scared of losing everything

Solution: Joined my Anxiety Release Program that helps you release negative emotions so that you feel calm, at peace and back in control.

Result: Drinking under control, calm and rational mind, better relationship, enjoying work and able to switch off

Do you want results like this for yourself?

If so, it is possible.

Book your complimentary consultation call with me today.

Christine Ford

Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Oracle cards, Bush flower essences

With over 15 years of experience in natural wellness practices, I’ve dedicated myself to inspiring and equipping others with the tools needed for a healthy, fulfilling life. My clients are living proof and appreciate my ability to simplify problems, which has consistently led to impactful results.

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