How to Stop Smoking With Hypnosis

How many times have you tried to stop smoking? A couple of times? A dozen? Most smokers state they want to quit and know the reasons they should quit. But knowing that doesn’t always help you take the final step and stop permanently. It can be so frustrating that you continue because you’ve given up hope in ever finding a program that can help. The good news is that hypnosis is a powerful stop smoking tool.

Research shows that hypnosis helps 90% of smokers quit successfully. That’s substantially higher than other methods, such as nicotine replacement therapy or cold turkey. Another advantage is that you’ll find it easier and quicker than traditional methods.

Hypnosis is a natural way to reach your subconscious mind, where your thoughts, beliefs and habits live. Your conscious mind can distract you or even defeat your attempts with negative thoughts, such as “I’m never going to be able to quit”. You can bypass those obstacles and reach your subconscious.

Before you find a trained hypnotherapist, ask yourself how motivated you are to quitting smoking. Are you saying it only to appease a spouse or family member? While it’s noble to want to do this for someone else, it seldom helps you quit permanently. You need to find reasons for yourself, like wanting better health or more energy.

Another sign of your success is a high level of motivation. How much do you truly want to give up cigarettes? You are changing your life to become a nonsmoker. It takes a highly motivated person to successfully stop smoking. A hypnotherapist can tell you that you’re a nonsmoker, but it won’t ring true if you’re not inspired to make this life change.

Be honest and rate your desire to quit from 1 to 10, with ten being highly motivated to stop. It’s good if you are at least an 8 on that scale.

List the reasons you to quit. These can include big or small reasons, like preventing emphysema to your hair smelling better. Do you want to walk up a flight of steps without being out of breath? Do you want more energy to play with the kids at the park? Do you want to stop buying breath mints and perfume to cover up the cigarette odour? Are you applying for a job that only hires nonsmokers? The importance of your reasons “why” you want to quit smoking lie in how greatly you value those resons “why”.

Through hypnosis, you can turn those dreams into a reality. Using various techniques, a trained therapist will help you tap into the power of your subconscious.

If you are ready to quit smoking once and for all, download my free ebook on hypnotherapy.

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