Motivation is Your Key to Quit Smoking

Motivation is the key to being successful in quitting smoking.  How much do you really want to quit smoking?  Motivation is the combination of your emotional level of desire to stop smoking and your strong belief you can succeed.  Having a high level of motivation is the driving force behind people’s actions.  In fact, motivation makes up one of the strongest indicators of your success.  When you are fed up with cigarettes and chronic health problems, your desire leads you to search for solutions, take action and change your life.

Motivation can be a combination of internal and external driving forces.  To be successful in reaching your goal, your motivation should have strong internal and external reasons.  Think of these as your “Why”.  List the reasons you want to quit smoking. Be honest with yourself. Your internal motivation drives you and should be something you are constantly aware of.

Your internal “why” should be the reasons for yourself. You may think of reasons, like not smelling of cigarette smoke, looking and feeling healthier, and living a longer, happier life.  Write down everything that is important to you.

The reasons can include anything from “bigger” reasons like improving your health to a whiter smile or shinier hair. Remember to choose things that mean something to you. If you don’t think about whiter teeth, then choosing that as your reason won’t drive you to stop smoking.

Now, think about your external reasons. These include things outside yourself, like quitting for your spouse, your children, or your employer. These are inspirational reasons, though not as strong as your internal reasons.

Many times people decide to quit and feel a great rush of motivation during the first few days. They’re positive that this time will be permanent. They’ll finally be a non-smoker. However, time passes, and their motivation levels dip. Soon, they reach for cigarettes once again.

In order to keep this from happening, you should develop motivations that are tied to your daily life as well as motivations that are rewards for your success.  No matter what method you choose to stop smoking, you must have a strong motivation to quit. While visions of a healthier life are great, more pressing matters can quickly fade that vision.

Your level of motivation to quit smoking will affect what method(s) you consider and ultimately determine your success. It is important to research all the available options. Choose one method (or a combination) that fits you – in both your desire to quit and your lifestyle.

If you’d like to talk about your desire to quit smoking permanently, please contact me about the effectiveness of hypnosis and stopping smoking.

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