How To Help A Friend Quit Smoking

breathingA lot of smokers over the festive period will try to break the habit for good with their new year’s resolution.  No small feat but one which can really help out in the long run; so here is how you can help your friend quit for good and help them keep that new year’s resolution.

Firstly they will be aware of the health dangers – they’re impossible to avoid and reminding of these will rarely help them. If you want to go down this route then try to do the reverse and remind them of the the benefits of being fit and healthy, this will give them the extra bit of motivation to stick at it.

Try to avoid drinking excessively. In the past I’ve found this to be the final straw for going back to smoking. It has been a stressful week and you want to sit down and relax, a few beers later the classic ‘it’s only one’ argument seems appealing, avoid this sort of situation. Do something else.

Be there for them. It sounds simple but the small things can become more stressful and if you let them discuss these issues with them then it can take the stress off them and prevent them taking their stress away with a cigarette.

Encourage them. If they seem like they’re breaking remind them of how well they’ve been doing. In the past it was real motivation just thinking of how long I have gone and helped me get through that tough work assignment.

Work with them. When doing a long assignment it’s good to have a five minute break to de-stress and refresh. Usually the time someone would think to have a cigarette, if you work with them you can just grab some food and sit down away from the computers for a few minutes. It gives them another option.

There is no right way to quit but from my personal experience this is how I would recommend helping out your friend.

(Article credit: Aidan Williams, The Galleon)



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